Information on Fundraising
Running a Scout troop involves quite a bit of financial overhead - equipment replacement and additions, transportation, campsite and other venue rentals, insurance, website fees, etc. Troop fundraising not only removes the financial burden from the families, it also offers the boys the opportunity to finance their own adventures in Scouting and take charge of more aspects of their program. In addition to covering the "business" expenses of the troop, our scouts also share in the profits from fundraising by earning funds into individual scout accounts to cover their own scouting expenses, such as summer camp, weekend trip food, personal camping gear and more. Thank you for your support of Troop 292!

Mum Sale

Back for 2022, Troop 292 will be selling beautiful 9" potted mums grown locally by LaValley Farms. You can choose between 6 colors - purple, white, yellow red, orange and pink. Order a few of each! If you have a Troop 292 Boy Scout in your neighborhood, he'll be happy to take your order; otherwise, visit our online storefront to order your mums..

Popcorn Sale

Delicious Trails End popcorn is now available! Contact us to be connected with a scout salesman.

Wreath Sale

Troop 292 scouts are once again selling beautiful holiday wreaths, created by Three Rivers Wreaths in Tilton, NH. These wreaths are amazing, they stay fresh and beautiful well into the spring. Scouts start selling in early October, with delivery the weekend after Thanksgiving, just in time for holiday decorating! There are also online purchase options here, as well as shipping to distant friends and relatives.

Christmas Tree Recycling Fundraiser

Troop 292 has partnered with Forgotten Farm in Hooksett to offer an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your Christmas trees - instead of sending them to a landfill, we'll feed them to goats! It's better for the environment, and the goats love them! Just sign up here to request a pick-up and make a donation.